NAVIGATOR<br><br> This image was made using a Poser figure in Bryce.  I made a box around the figure with images on the 'walls' that reflected off the chrome surface of the body.  A second rendering was done using 'glass' for the figure to capture its distorted transmission
NEW SCHOOL OF ATHENS <br><br>Cover for Graphic Exchange's Millennium issue, featuring the most influential people in Graphics and Design from the last 1000 years.<br>I based the setting on Raphael's 'School of Athens' (Aristotle and Plato are still in the background), imagining the next room of 'Greats', with a 21st century fractal floor.
LANDING BY THE NORTHERN LIGHTS<br><br>Cover for the Sear's Christmas Wish catalogue.  This was their first digital/3D cover, so I had to get approval from about 15 people!. Somehow, I am pretty sure there's a little kid in Alberta (or New Brunswick, or Quebec, or anywhere in Canada that received this catalogue) who will think of this version of Santa when they grow up. That's a sort of immortality, I guess.
3D MUCHA<br><br>Reworking of an Alphonse Mucha poster done with Poser and Photoshop
S FILES<br><br>This was fun.<br>Intrepid publisher Dan Brill(gxo.com) investigates a reported e-conspiracy at Seybold. Funny article. Needed funny pictures.<br>After I did the magazine cover, I liked the character so much I did a couple more poses. What's an 'S' File without an alien abduction?
DIVING FOR PEARLS<br><br>This is really early (late 20th Century),but I think the blend of model, goldfish tail, and my photo of the statue in Les Halles in Paris still holds up pretty well.  Good old Photoshop
FRAXX<br><br>Hey, it's an 'axe' made out of fractal textures. Nuff said.
HOTHEAD<br><br>Done entirely in Photoshop, using a fractal-generating plug-in and shaping the swirls into a face. Available printed on a Zippo lighter. Ah Right!
RUBBER DUCKIES<br><br>There have been a lot of apocalyptic sci-fi films with the Statue of Liberty frozen, buried, or submerged. I wondered what European monuments would look like submerged. I was in Brussels that July and took the opportunity to shoot some of the amazingly detailed structures at the 'Mini Europe' theme park.<br>By the time the Photoshopping was done, I had what resembled a bathtub full of rubber duckies. It almost buried the care I took in keeping the scale of the waves and splashes right.<br><br>Sadly, within a month of publication, the picture took on a different tone. New York's Twin Towers were no more.
STRENGTH<br><br>This is the CD cover for Jessica Gorham's 'You Are Strong'.  I immediately saw the cover as the Tarot Arcana symbol for Strength, a woman closing the jaws of a lion.  Jessica was the luscious model and the lion was a composite of five differnt photos with the lighting corrected in PS.
AXIS<br><br>I miss vinyl album covers.  What a great place for illustrators to show off. Opening a double cover was like wide-screen landscapes for the imagination.<br>Anyway, I had wanted to do Hendrix's second album cover for years, because it was so colourful and complex. When I thought about using photos in Photoshop, though, my heart would sink.  Fortunately Poser became so good, I found a way to recreate the heads and all those arms. A little Photoshop 2.5D jewelry and I had it. I was told I had the Poser staff bringing in their original album covers to compare.
PLUMBER'S TRUCK<br><br>What do you think of when you hear the word 'plumber'?<br>
        	Well, I worked for literally months adjusting this 'cheeky' 7' tall truck wrap until the client's wife was no longer offended. After she turned down four different designs for the side of the truck, I knew it was time to collect a 'kill' fee and bail.<br> Still,...I'm sure this design would make a plumber world famous within a day on YouTube and Twitter.
ANGELS<br><br>Poser angels and Bryce skyscape.
DISTANT<br><br>Another round CD image, blending clouds and mountains in Bryce.  Sort of an oriental feel.
ANGELS DANCING ON THE HEAD OF A PIN<br><br>Poser angels and my hand.